“A” (INTFILO Creation Story)

There was none.

A void of empty space, darkness and nonexistence.

The black void

Until, a being came into existence out of the clashing darkness. Imagine the very fabric of anonymity opposing each other against a battle no one will win. He was called “A”.

“A” was standing in blackness; he saw nothing but the mere reflections of light that came from his eyes and onto his ethereal build.  He wandered about. He blew air through his nose and noticed that the air that came from him rippled the light that glimmered from his eyes.

He blew through his nose with great force that the light from his eyes glittered across the powerful air and created a huge ball of fire and brightness that illuminated the void. He called this the “Sun”. It emitted light so much that “A” was mesmerized by it and decided to touch its rays. He burned his hands in the process and pieces of his burnt spirit fell into the void. Since “A” was filled with curiosity and innocence, he chased the burnt pieces of his spirit and the speed he made created the framework for time.

Meanwhile, the pieces of his burnt spirit swiveled so fast while hurdling through space that it turned to asteroids, comets and meteorites that we now know of. Most of its colors are red, amber, brown or grey because these colours resemble the skin of “A”.

“A” grew tired of chasing so he decided to rest for a moment. He noticed that even if he sat with his legs on top of the other, he continued to fall from the void. Thus he decided to counter that force by blowing strong air through his mouth and under his feet. The hefty ether made “A”, the asteroid, comets, meteorites and the Sun halt to a position. “A” accidentally created gravitational fields for each. That is why; the Sun has a stronger gravitational field than ours because it was closer to “A” before the creation of our world.

“A” rested for decades until he regained his energy back. He witnessed the beauty of his creation but was not satisfied. He still felt empty. Hence, from the luminescence of his eyes, he removed his rheum/eye crusts and flicked them across the Sun. These eye crusts slightly burned radiant and they fell into orbit as they skimmed across the Sun. These formed the stars the twinkled in the night sky.

Witnessing the splendor of the tiny little stars he created, he realized what use would it be if it has nothing to shine its glow upon. So from his skin, he pinched a little. From his tears, he scooped a drop. He held these two materials in his hands and blew into them. He divided them in uneven portions and rolled them into balls. “A” threw them across the universe and formed the planets. Some went near the Sun because of the Sun’s strong gravity while the others flung far away. That is why, we only recognize eight planets because these eight were the ones who held onto the Sun’s warmth and strength.

“A” gave himself compliments for his creation for they were good. However, he noticed a planet that was somehow bare. It was filled with water, mountains and vast stretch of lands. Although it manifested glorious landscapes, “A” felt that this planet deserves someone to take care of it. So out of his own blood, hair, and nails, he fashioned what he called ‘human beings’. He did not form them into his image and likeness but into something more majestic than his.

He gave them a part of his spirit so that they could live and think. “A” wanted them to not only survive in this planet but also live, as they want it. Noticing that the humans were fine with his creation and existed through the waters and land, he decided to also give them the gift of religions so that they may believe in him, their creator. “A” began to grow weak when he was almost on the verge of giving them the religions. The signals “A” sent through the transmitters in the humans’ brains at different parts of the world were feeble. That is why, humans received different interpretations of religions and formed altered beliefs from them.

“A” was sad on how things turned out. Humans became intellectual but divided. Out of sadness, “A’s” eyes started to fill with darkness instead of the usual luminescent glow. His ethereal self started to crumble. “A” grew weaker and weaker as centuries passed so he decided to store himself in the Sun. He knew leaving humans alone and curious would leave them destroying each other but he had no choice. It was either him decaying and exploding into destructive matter, or the humans living. He had no choice.

At his last bit of power, he created everything that the humans might need. “A” loved them so much that he imparted with them more stars, comets, and other celestial bodies to wonder upon. “A” knew that this would make them search for what is out there. “A” knew that this would make them search for him.

He also devised other celestial beings with human-like abilities. They would be the guardians of the universe, specially guardians of the humans. That is why; aliens or unidentified flying objects visit us as a sign of checking on us and guiding us through history. Evidently, the aliens manifested their guidance when we built the pyramids and when they left crop circles for us to remember their presence.

Even in weakness, “A” thought of us. He began to quickly store himself inside the Sun before he exploded. Thus, the Sun provided us life and warmth through billions of years because that is “A” still taking care of us even after his great fall.

by SANCHEZ, Izza Anamiel V. | NO3

The Divine Creation of God, Christianity’s belief


About Izza Sanchez

Amiel is a newbie in the Chemistry world. She's a BS-CHY student at De La Salle University - Manila (amazebells university, fyi). And she's like an oxymoron, a person contradictory to herself. Even she didn't get what she just said.
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2 Responses to “A” (INTFILO Creation Story)

  1. beautiful reworking of biblical creation stories:) 4.0 for this entry.

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